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To help protect our customers against the increasing
sophistication of hacker threats. We have integrated a
complete protection which provides early detection,
immediate remediation & proactive preventive measures.

To minimize the risk of data theft and unauthorized account
access which can cost our customers; unauthorized-access,
wasteful and unsustainable resource use.

For early detection and immediate remediation, we have
integrated divided-portal architecture into our web services
management which offer proactive preventive measures,
account security & data theft protection from hackers.

All of our control panels are encrypted using 256-bit encryption
wih state of the class Secure Socket Layer Certificates where
each portal is designed for specific functions and ease of access
for web services with dedicated management advantage tools.

Domain Portal DOMAIN
Offers complete list of domain management tools for easy
DNS management, Domain Forwarding, Whois lookup, Bulk tools
for Domain Registration and transfer; all in stand-alone portal
which provides domain portfolio management access, with added
layer of 2-step security measures for further account security.

Retail Portal RETAIL
Offers web services ranging from web hosting, emails,
websites, security & backup services to SSL certificates;
specifically designed for easy checkout on-the-GO!

Corporate Portal CORPORATE
Offers complete list of business web services for business-class
customers to suit the needs of Small & Medium Businesses for
easy access to corporate-level hosting & email tools, with added
layer of 2-step security measures for further account security.

Enterprise Portal ENTERPRISE
Offers complete list of premium web services for enterprise-level
customers, while maintaining the interface much easier to access
for enterprise-grade dedicated servers & email tools, with added
layer of 2-step security measures for further account security.

We offer seamless integration of account panels to allow
our customers to use same email for ease of access.
We suggest customers to use strong account passwords
with special characters, capital letters and numbers.

We recommend customers to:
• Use different passwords to manage account panels!
• Properly logout of thier online accounts panels!
• Remember to change account passwords regularly!
• Do not use public hotspot/wi-fi networks!
• Avoid using insecure computers!

We do not store credit card information on the customer account,
making it a worry-free experience for retail on-the-go customers.

Keep Calm & Stay Online

24/7/365 our security experts worry about account security risks.
Let our team leverage actionable intelligence to deliver proactive
protection from hackers for unauthorized access.

We offer complete protection from unauthorized access
with our 24/7 customer service always online & ready to help!

If you think your account is under unauthorized access, get in touch now!

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